research on what fellow Montessorians are saying about technology use in classrooms

For primary ( in Australia, elementary in the US)  it seems there are many ways to use technology for it’s purposes of collecting, cataloging and sharing information.

Check out a link to a video of technology use here

The more I look though, the examples I see require literacy. For non literate children it seems like computer use would need to be teacher led. This would be alright for modeling this later use of technology. I’ve reviewed some apps

for younger children and find they have rewards in them such as animations for right words. This may be fine for schools that use gold stars, but if you are fostering intrinsic motivation and internal satisfaction, it is not appropriate. I also looked at some apps for supporting letter sound connections and there are some decent ones out there. This article highlights why should be in addition not as a replacement. 


The point about technology being abstract, is a good one, and it rings true for me that the abstract version should not be introduced until the real world version is understood. It would be like introducing written addition before introducing a game to understand the concept. Montessori education is built on this principle of concrete experience first, but for those who took edx1280 you will know what contemporary math educators are saying about teaching abstract skills before working concretely is understood. 

and an article from the New York Times


 I’m still researching and investigating but right now the scales are tipped towards little to no computer time at school for children under 6.

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