Montessori National Curriculum and ICTs

“Children in the second plane of development are intrigued by the unusual and the extraordinary. They also

look up to those they perceive to be heroes. These potential role models inspire children to stretch themselves

and better themselves in some way. At the same time children of this age are developing and honing their

conscience, their ability to tell right from wrong. Where young children might tend to accept what their parents

tell them about right and wrong, beyond the age of six children want to work this out for themselves. They

earnestly want to know what is right or wrong, good or bad, fair or unfair, but they also want to know why.”

Montessori Australia Foundation Limited  , (2011) 

The internet I see as being great tool for coming into contact with and observing potential role models, as well as working out ethical dilemmas. It has its pit falls, but like anything, if managed correctly can be a great tool. It would be a good way to critically decide if rock or pop stars (who ever)  really are the kind of role model that the child wants by researching their character and deeds.

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