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This weebly website on cyber safety  looks to have been made by a past edc3100 student. It’s a great resource to direct parents to to support your school cyber safety program. Realyl succinct practical information in layman’s terms. On a second look I don’t think it’s past student, it just has comments from lots of umail adresses.

The first video on the children’s page si a pretty good resource, it’s short and a little corny but the message about strangers on the internet and telling an adult you trust if you’re not feeling right about something is  a great one. It opens up communication between children and parents about the internet, which is how to guide them appropriately, by talking to them about it.

This really would a good list for primary school kids:

Six top tips for children.

1.    People you don’t know are strangers.  They are not always who they say they are.

2.   Be nice to people on the computer, being mean is not O.K.

3.   Keep your personal information safe. Don’t use your name on the computer. When
playing games on the computer use a nickname. Don’t tell strangers where you
live, your age or where you go to school and don’t tell people your password.

4.   Tell mum or dad or a trusted grown up if you feel scared or upset.
Ask a grown up to help you put Hector’s World safety button on your
computer, so you can press it if anything makes you feel scared or makes your
tummy feel funny.

6.  Call kids  help line on 1800 55 1800. 

from the weebly link  at the top of the page.

I didn’t watch every video but they all seem to have one or two clear messages and feature likable cartoon characters. Might work well even for four and five year olds? Though I’m not sure they’d really be using the internet yet? Or perhaps I am mistaken?

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